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The International Casino Conference

The International Casino Conference (ICC), in collaboration with Clarion Gaming, was established as a global forum for ECA leaders, the European and International Casino Group in 2009, by the European Casino Association, in which they can meet and discuss confidential approaches to the industry`s core problems in Europe.

This well-known biannual gathering is one of New-Zealand and world wide`s leading international conferences on dangerous gambling. Be at the forefront of gambling changes and participate in a conference which includes compelling workshops and international keynotes.

The conference seeks to strengthen the expertise of practitioners in the region, to share knowledge on the new research and treatment methods, and to promote partnerships at national and international level. The event is not sponsored or assisted by the gambling industry.

This 1-day event includes a number of distinguished and specialized speakers and panel sessions every year dealing with topical issues affecting the casino industry in future years as well as EU legislation. Representatives from the different industries (casino, arcades, digital, media, etc.) and brightest minds and leading casino executives, decision-makers, regulators and gaming officials meet to discuss the industry`s long-term interests, business trends, future policy shifts and key strategic and regulatory issues.

The convenient co-location of ICC and ICE Totally Gaming, the World`s largest gaming exhibition, and the ECA partnership guarantees the presence of top-level policymakers, CEOs and suppliers from both Europe and abroad. It has become a forum to communicate to key decision makers from European big casino groups closely and targeted.

"The ICC gives ECA leaders and the wider global casino group a forum for the exchange of views on the most important challenges facing the market," said Ron Goudsmit, fomer chairman of the ECA and now 1st honorary chairman. The annual meetings put together industry leaders, Eu authorities and innovation specialists to address and network on the highest level to pave the way for a sustainable future for the European and potential casino sectors.

The 16th edition of the Casino Marketing & Innovation Conference, the largest marketing training program for the gaming industry, covers all aspects of conventional and digital marketing over two days of concurring workshops addressing such subjects as advertising and promotion, customer services, e-mail marketing, social media, internet marketing and analysis of data. The conference frequently honors excellence in the promotion of casinos, with two important ceremonies: The Romeros: Acknowledgement in Promotion Innovation and the Lifetime Achievement Casino Sales Honor.

Participants can obtain additional experience to achieve better everyday outcomes and an overview into what is required to build a successful career as casino marketing professionals.

We are very well aware of the new developments and perceptions in an internationally, but distinctly private, market, of the publishing and make our readers conscious of the like. We are trying to balance ourselves with the editorial–primarily relating to the owner, but also raising issues that would be important to a new supplier of gaming facilities.

We are proud to be independent and therefore do not align ourselves as a` official sponsor` with any particular trade event–rather than visiting events to report their success or failings without any fear of compromising.

Finally, we will always try to reflect on the industry and cover innovation, newsworthy stories and industry developments around the world. Details of new products, dates and contact details for trade events and conferences and interviews with key industry players are also part of regular features. We also preview, participate and examine the main international trade fairs.

Special features include: particular countries; gaming styles, gaming machines and operators ` guidance on a wide range of issues from health to practice.

ICC, coordinated together with the European Casino Association, presents a well-established forum to chairmen, chairs of exercise and board members of all the major casino groups in Europe to share their thoughts on the main issues impacting the land industry. The 2015 agenda includes: report on the newly elected European Commission, emphasis on consumer engagement change, the findings of a hidden ICE tour project specifically and performance assessment of the European resort gaming.

The research center Gambling and Addiction at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) integrates work to strengthen the awareness of New Zealanders as to how gambling and addiction impact culture, and develop legislation and professional practice. The AUT Gambling and Addictions Research Center incorporates research into gambling and addiction research. The Center aims to: disseminate information based on research through journals, conferences, and mass media. It facilitates policy and service delivery for evidence-based betting and toxicity and to establish and provide educational programs. It also recommends, and funds, postgraduate education and research.


The Problem Gambling Foundation is now being operated under a PGF Company, which is the umbrella company for PGF Solutions, Mapu Maia (counselling and health promotion), and Asian Family Services (counselors, public health services and the Asian Help Line).

The PGF Group is a federal, but mainly non-governmental agency funded by the health ministry with gambling levy funds. PGF supports people and communities for more than 20 years. PGF Services provides free health and secure advice for anyone impacted by dangerous gaming in New Zealand.

PGF agrees that we need to defend people, families and communities with disadvantages and help them; so social justice is the core of what we are doing. We believe that a fair society presents all cultures with the same incentives and freedoms. Our mission in pursuing our dreams is to improve the mana of people, families and communities and be free from any gambling harm.

Asian Family Services provide Asians who live in New Zealand with free and secure face-to-face or mobile assistance. These services are available in Mandarin, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Hindi, Japanese and Korean.

Mapu Maia provides the Pasifika devoted social guidance, education and support services. They work in English, Samoan and Tongan, with experienced and qualified staff with individuals and families. Aotearoa`s understanding of PGF is that families and communities in a just community are stable and robust.

Gambling-related habits and hazards and how we have responded and adjusted to improvements in the clinic, science, public health and policy perspectives provide conference focus areas.

  • Adjustment to the increasing playing environment, where innovative and highly available play items are added, including the ever blurrier gaming-playing line.
  • Growth, development and use of technology in efficient hazard minimization approaches in this field.
  • Collecting knowledge and insight into gambling harm inequities between populations that take gambling environments into account.